Our Expert Advice and Tips on Moving

Having over 20 years’ in the removal industry, Howards Removals Somerset Ltd has amassed a number of experiences in moving people out of their homes and offices. This experience means our excellent team provides you with the best tips and advice needed to make your move as stress free as possible.


Helping out Our Team

Our first tip to anyone who is planning an imminent move is to organise a quotation well in advance, by filling out our quotation form or by making an appointment with our expert removals estimator. With proper, advanced planning ensuring the process is smooth and trouble free. 

It is important to keep us up-to-date regarding your moving dates to help make the moving transition as smooth as possible, it is crucial to inform us beforehand if you haven’t finished your packing or got rid of anything that we didn’t discuss in your removal quote which gives time to make the necessary rearrangements.

We also advise that you make your removal company aware of any difficulties in terms of access to either properties, and also to check with your removal company that they are available before you commit to a moving date.

An office we are moving items out of


If you are packing your own belongings it is important that anything that is able to fit in a box should be packed in a box, with other loose items such as garden tools being able to be taped together. 

It also important that you don’t overfill your boxes, using packing cartons that are tailor made for your move to avoid any mishaps.


Leaving items in your drawers depending on the weight of your possessions is no problem. Our expert team are able to take removable draws and put the carcass in our specialised truck to reduce the amount of packing.

One of our team moving some items into a clients new property

Freezers and Food

In most cases it is suitable for your freezers to stay full, but it is advisable to put your food into bags or baskets and to take it out prior to loading .

With our team being able to plug in your freezer if you are undertaking a overnight move.

Safety and Furniture

In terms of safety we strongly advise that you keep all your keys for your possessions all in one place to avoid unneeded stress. 

We strongly advise that any self-assembled furniture that you may possess is dismantled prior to moving, to ensure that the experience is as streamlined and easy and possible.

Call or email us for information about how we will make you be the ideal mover, and to enquire further about the tips and tricks we advise in moving properties.